I was thinking today that it is often that people don’t appreciate what they have until they are challenged to lose what they have.  People often don’t think about what options they have to make themselves better or healthier until they are faced with losing their livelihood or health status.  People often don’t take the time to notice what is in front of them until they are forced to stand still. Maybe this pandemic has allowed us to shift into a more aligned state, a more present space, a more appreciated state of mind. Maybe we needed the opportunity to stop and be in the midst of chaos. It is the chaos that forces us to rethink, reassess, re-imagine a better life.  Today I am taking the time to think. Perhaps you might conside to think about what makes me smile, who feeds my soul, why I am who I am and what I can do to make more of an impact. Today I am going to stop and allow myself to appreciate the chaos. Maybe this will be an awakening of myself. Maybe I will see things that I have not seen before. Maybe the lessons are truly in the chaos. See what the chaos has allowed you to notice.