Certified Personal Trainer- Exercise Fitness Specialist (CPT-EFS)

Education: The Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE) and Hofstra University

  • Anatomy– structures and function of the musculoskeletal system
  • Client Assessment (theory and practical)
  • Physiology of Human Performance
  • Exercise Program Design
  • Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids
  • Introduction to Resistance Training Biomechanics (theory and practical)
  • Joint Range of Motion – Flexibility (theory and practical)
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Conditions and Concerns
  • Spinal Mechanics
  • Training Safety
  • Psychology and The Personal Trainer
  • Lab Science Training: Fitness Assessment (Body Composition Analysis, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate Measurements), and Resistance Training Exercise Biomechanics.

Certification:  Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE)

NCCA -Nationally Accredited – Certified Personal Fitness Trainer – Health Fitness Instructor