Since working with Marta, my stress level has decreased tremendously. I use the relaxing techniques such as visualization and 4-7-8 breathing regularly so they are part of my routine. I have a chronic medical condition that requires yearly MRIs. I hate MRIs! They are long and noisy and most important revealing.  Prior to working with Marta, I could never undergo an MRI without being heavily medicated. Recently, I had to have an MRI because of changes in my physical condition. I was frightened and had no one to take me to the Radiology Center. It was just me. I spoke with Marta about my feelings and prior history with MRIs. She coached me to focus on my strengths and new found skills. I could not be medicated because I had to drive so I used the relaxation techniques that Marta taught me. I underwent my 45 minute MRI un-medicated and without anxiety. I was so happy with myself for accomplishing this task. Marta reminded me how the mind is powerful. She is right!

I continue to use the techniques and am now aware of how I am feeling at various times of the day enabling me to be more present in my life. This has fostered a more positive life style for me.

Thank you Marta.

Coaching Client, Age 57


Having never experienced integrative health coaching before, I came into the experience with a positive attitude and willingness to open up. After my first session with Marta I immediately felt like she understood my struggles but more importantly she got me to start thinking of what I wanted to change about my life and how I was going to do it. Through integrative health coaching I was able to focus on different sectors that affect my everyday life such as nutrition, environment, relationships, and spirituality. I learned that all these elements are connected to a healthy lifestyle. Each week I would set goals and use the multiple techniques Marta taught me to to grow and I slowly made more and more progress each week. Whether it be a tough day or a great day, I always use the techniques Marta has taught me to not only lead a more positive and healthy life but because all of these techniques have changed my outlook on life for the better!

Thank you again Marta,

Coaching Client, Age 20 yrs


Dear Marta,

My experience with you has been both unconditionally inspiring and enlightening. Forcing me to consider my personal values, you have allowed me to view my reality in a light that originally seemed very dark during this stressful time. In establishing a hierarchy of the important aspects in my life, you have enabled me to find my suitable balance– which was extremely uneven prior to our conversations. Although this balance has become and is my daily challenge,  the power of positive thinking that we have work towards has allowed me to not only be more successful in my tasks, but a happier person overall. For this I could not be more grateful.

Through our discussions focusing on the health wheel, I am able to take a step back and consider my strengths and weaknesses. Allowing me to see that there is always room for improvement, you have also reminded me to congratulate myself and look at my accomplishments. You have instilled within me the mindset of “living in the present moment”, a mentality so powerful I now can not get through my day without thinking about.

As my first integrative health coach, you have been completely successful in assisting me in creating the tools to overcome my obstacles. The task of evaluating who I am, my purpose, my values, and my goals has been extremely refreshing and inspiring as I embark on this new mentality. Your emphasis on embracing positivity is now a crucial mentality that I keep alive every day.  My experience with you is something I would wish upon anyone who is or even is not struggling with their balance. You have enabled me to see the beauty and the power of self-evaluation as a determinant for a positive lifestyle.  This experience was a privilege that I will forever cherish as I continue my journey in higher education.

Thank you for having the faith in me that I didn’t.  You have made a significant mark on my life and I could not be more grateful for our time together.


Coaching Client Age 18.


Working with you was a powerful experience for me.  It gave me the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on how I was spending my time and energy and to what end.  Your thoughtful questions and gentle observations helped me see that when I’m not paying attention/being mindful, my thoughts and actions can become out of sync with my personal values and goals.   The tools you shared have really helped me.  I continue to do my breathing when I get my lunchtime reminder each day and I allow myself the extra few minutes in the morning to center myself and set a positive intention for the day.  I can’t thank you enough for the experience Marta, you truly have a gift!

With love,

Coaching Client Age, 53


I completely enjoyed every moment of each session spent with Marta!  From the second each session began with a warm welcome from someone who felt like an old friend to the last moment before hanging up on the phone, Marta’s mission to partner with me on my journey to find optimum health was a fantastic learning experience.  Under Marta’s guidance, I discovered some personal beliefs/mindsets that have impacted my interaction with life. She showed me that being content with who I am or where I am in my journey of life doesn’t always need to be changed. Marta helped me closely examine my diet and fitness levels as a means to improve the level of inflammation and physical pain I had been experiencing. She helped me develop my own menu and taught me how to look at foods as my “medicine”.

Marta’s positive energy and enthusiasm about living a vivacious life ignited a sense of confidence in me.  Her zest for achieving her personal best made me feel that achieving my goals was well within my reach. I would welcome the opportunity to experience health coaching again with Marta in the future. I would recommend it to anyone interested in improving their quality of life!

Coaching Client, age 50.


Dear Marta,

As a note of my sincerest thanks for journeying with me as my Integrative Health Coach, I wanted to just mention some of the many ways I have learned and grown.

Firstly, in defining what was most important in my life and how I felt about and rated  where I was with them. From that start, I was able to define (with your help & guidance) which areas needed more attention and my plan to improve those areas with specific actions. Then, I would “report in” with what I would consider my successes and sometimes talk about how I felt I fell short at times of reaching my goal. Thank you Marta for the reminders about my progress by asking me certain questions that would help me see things from a different perspective, perhaps a more encouraging one.

I became more active with my walking consistently, started eating healthier following  a food plan geared in addressing my food sensitivities and food allergies.  I re-learned  and was reminded of the importance of reaching out and creating  a support system for myself during those times of life’s challenges.

Your encouragement to get in touch with my dreams helped me to dare to even start to dream again . . . it has been  a long time since I had done so. Thank you for helping me Marta. I look forward to continuing on the journey I started with your warm and sincere encouragement.

With gratitude and warm regards,

Coaching Client Age 67.